Custom manufacturing without the mess.

Specful is a manufacturing project management and communication platform that allows you to run and control production projects from a single space.

Finalize requirements
Compare offers
Track progress

Communicate with 10 manufacturers as if there was only one.

Bring all your partners to discuss your needs, update specifications, send files, compare offers, and easily track who said what.

Once you experience structured communication, you'll never go back to spreadsheets and waterfall messaging tools like email, WeChat, or Skype.

Accurate offers

Well-defined specs translate into precise prices, without the 'buffer'.

Shorter path to production

Speeding up your communication helps to move into production much faster.

On schedule delivery

Easily track deadlines and never miss one again.

Fewer errors

Cover your requirements from every angle to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

Reach everyone at once.

All suppliers in your project are notified at once when you update requirements or add something new.

Keep discussions on track.

Stand-alone chat for every requirement helps you focus on the subject and avoid tangents.

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Compare offers inside your project.

Your suppliers can skip on XLS / PDF proposals and quote prices right in the app where you can compare them side-by-side.

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Start faster with spec templates.

Use requirements from your past project as a starting point or choose a from one of our templates.

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There's more to help you
Use Milestones and Calendar to track project progress. Find anything fast with powerful Search. Connect Specful to your procurement, ERP, or CRM system through Integrations. Use built-in Analytics to see how you and your suppliers perform. When done, Export your data to generate a purchase order.

Try incredibly liberating buying experience.

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Are you a supplier? Specful works both ways.

Start a project with your product parameters and invite your buyer.

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